Corporate Facebook Pages: What Not To Do


I was an early adopter of Facebook.

Actually – to date myself in Internet terms – I was an early adopter of Friendster. And then MySpace. And then, finally, once it opened up to more than just college students, Facebook.

Now, I’m not bragging about my Social Media savvy here. Rather, I’m admitting that I am an Internet Addict. And because of my addiction I’ve noticed a few things . . . a few things about how companies use Facebook to engage a wider client audience.

Here are a few practices I suggest avoiding.

Posting a Zillion Times a Day

No one is that interested in your company’s goings-on. Not even your mother.

For the most part people don’t use Facebook to find out what’s new with the corporate sites they’ve trusted enough to “Like.” In fact, they have little tolerance for too much interaction with companies.

It’s a personal tool, so when you use it for your company you’ve got to keep that in mind and respect that your fans have let your company into their inner circle.

I suggest updating once or twice a day in pre-determined and thoughtfully spaced out intervals. What does that mean? That means don’t post twice, right in row, at lunch time. It means post once around lunch and a second time as you’re leaving for the day.

Think about how you check your own personal Facebook and take your own habits into consideration. I check mine around lunch and then when I leave for the day. If your corporate Facebook follows suit then I’ll see both of your posts before they’re buried in my news stream. And I won’t be frustrated that I saw your company’s posts when I snuck on to Facebook on my iPhone around 10 a.m., and then again at 3 p.m. You get the idea.

Including a Link and Only a Link in Your Status Updates

Think about it. If you were in a business meeting and someone asked you about what your company has been up to lately, you wouldn’t write down a link to a recent Press Release and mutely pass it over to them, would you? If you would, then we’ve got more to discuss than Facebook practices.

When given a chance to show personality, passion and enthusiasm for your company, TAKE IT.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But you have no idea how many corporate Facebook pages I’ve seen that just throw links up, SMACK! in their status updates. No explanations, no engaging text. Just the ugly URL to whatever it is on which they want to direct their audience to click. Avoid this.

No Logo

Now I know internally everyone thinks the picture of a seedling depicts the potential growth your clients companies could see if they just sought out your services. But I can guarantee these potential clients with whom you’d like to engage – as well as a fair share of your current clients with whom you already engage – will have no idea who your company is or what it is your company does.

If you think your logo needs a bit of dressing up to attract Facebook fans, by all means (after discussing it with your marketing team) dress it up a bit. Just don’t forget it.

What are some Facebook tips you suggest?

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  3. Rudy Preston Says:

    I really love Facebook. It seemed like it would be a great place to try some advertising since just about everyone uses it. I’ve been marketing on Adwords for years, so I thought I knew what I was doing. Well I was dead wrong. I blew $200 fast advertising on FB. I had kind of given the thought up but I saw a thread about this Facebook ads guide on the Warrior forum. Looks interesting but I’m wondering if you have had any luck with it? Here’s a link to it. Thinking about giving it a try to see if I was really doing something completely wrong with Facebook before or not. Help?

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  10. Erin Hayes Says:

    Thank you! We appreciate your feedback!

  11. Erin Hayes Says:

    Hi Rudy,

    I checked out that link. My advice would be to avoid this. It seems like a scam to me. Facebook Ads can be tricky. I’ve used their ad service for a few different corporate Facebook sites with pretty good results. But my approach is to try one ad for two days with a modest budget and if its not as successful as I’d like it to be I re-work with the same modest approach until I do get results that make me happy. I hope that helps a little bit . . . good luck!

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